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The other piece of vital equipment to accompany the rack mount computers and the monitors are the rack mount computer keyboards. Rackmount computer keyboards are built with durability and reliability in mind.

Most keyboards in home systems get attacked by cookie crumbs, soft drinks, children?s sticky fingers and a whole host of other awful things and yet, for the most part, they keep on functioning. But they?ll break down soon enough in the desert or on a glacier because they?re not made to withstand those harsh environments. The keyboards must be made of materials that will not rust or corrode, will not malfunction in extreme heat or cold and will continue to operate no matter what the workload.

Rack mount computer keyboards are manufactured with two things in mind — easy compatibility with the rack mount system and durability of the keyboard itself. Essentially, manufacturers chose the finest keyboard on the market and adapted it to conform easily to the requirements of rack mount computer systems. Made to slide into the rack mounts they fit easily into any 19-inch standard rack. The keyboard of choice became the Qtronix, which has become the gold standard of rack mount computer keyboards. Manufactured to the highest standards available, the Qtronix is made to operate without failure under extreme circumstances.

Because of high user demand for rack mount computer systems, monitors and keyboards, the industry prides itself on quality manufacturing. There is no higher standard to achieve than to be recognized by the US military as a supplier of top quality products that soldiers in combat situations can depend on, explorers in the Artic can rely on and that any other user of these products can absolutely depend on.

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