Computer Rental: Worth Your Money?

Is computer rental worth the money? Depending on the type of computer that you have a need for as well as the expenses that you plan to save, computer rental may or may not be the right road for you to go down. One thing is quite certain. That is, there are a number of companies out there right now wanting to provide you with the computer rental that you are after. They offer a wide range of products and services. But, is it worth spending your money on these computer rentals? Or, maybe you should just outright make the purchase?

The value of the computer rental is dependent on the need that you have as well as the overall need you expect to have down the road Continue reading

Computer Rentals: The Best Classroom Computer Training Solution

For classroom training, renting computers, sound systems and projectors from a computer rental company is the easiest and most cost efficient way to coordinate corporate training initiatives with the least amount of headaches.

Save Time and Money with Training: Computer, Projector, and Sound System Equipment Rentals

Even if you own all the equipment you need for a computer training session you will save money by using the installation services of a computer rental company. Computer rental companies coordinate everything technical so you can concentrate on the execution of your computer training program Continue reading

Computer Security – What Exactly Is It?

Although the term ‘computer security’ is used a lot, the content of a computer is actually vulnerable to only a few risks unless the computer is connected to others on a network. As the use of computer networks (especially the Internet) has increased dramatically during the past few years, the term computer security is now used to describe issues referring to the networked use of computers and their resources.

The major technical areas of computer security are confidentiality, integrity and authentication/availability.
– Confidentiality, also known as secrecy or privacy, means that the information you own cannot be accessed by unauthorized parties Continue reading

Computers Are Not Scary

Do you remember when you were a kid, and saw your first automobile? To the older crowd, the answer might be yes. To them, the first automobile was most-likely an object of wonder. It wasn’t necessarily a thing to be feared, just an unknown. It was something that you had heard of, but hadn’t had any experience with it. It wasn’t scary.

To most everyone else, you don’t remember your first time you saw an automobile, because they’ve just always been around. You aren’t scared of them because you are familiar with them. The youngest generation of youth feel the same way about computers.

Many of you may remember the first time you saw a computer Continue reading

Crash Course In Getting A #1 Google Ranking

First, here?s the rundown of some of the terminology I?m going to use in this article ?

Inbound Links ? Links coming into your site
Outbound Links ? Links leaving your site
Cross Links ? Links that you have ?traded? with another site (ie, they?ve got a link from their site to your and you?ve got a link from your site to theirs)
PR (Page Ranking) ? Google?s measure of how ?important? your site is

SEO Is Not Dead

Ok, now lets talk about what you really want to hear ? how to get those coveted 1-10 ranks for your keywords. Remember this – SEO is not dead. In fact, it is very much alive and important Continue reading

Crouching Trojan, Hidden Malware

Trojans are not just more dangerous than computer viruses, they’re stealthier, too. Find out where they hide.

Minions of an evil master lurk in your hard drive, crouching in your system registry, ready to pounce.

What Is a Trojan?

The word “Trojan” is a mystery to most people, even many who think they know its true meaning. If more people really understood what Trojans are and the risk they pose, there would be fewer Trojans, since fewer people would ever leave their machines vulnerable to them.

A Trojan is malware. Malware is a special kind of software, like spyware, adware, and viruses that no one wants Continue reading