Do You Want Someone To Know Your Secrets? Protect Yourself with a Firewall

With more and more small and home based businesses getting high speed, full time Internet connections, like Cable modem and DSL, there is an increased need for firewall software and/or hardware.

A firewall can be many things, but the main thing you need to know is that without one you are at risk of someone breaking into your computer. With people staying connected to the Internet full time with Cable modems or a DSL line, you are at a MUCH greater risk of someone accessing your computer from a remote location.

Basically a firewall limits the access to your computer from the Internet. This has nothing to do with your website Continue reading

Does Voice Over IP Telephony Spell The End For Traditional Telephones?

Just What is Voice Over IP Telephony?

Voice over Internet Telephony is technology that means you can hold telephone calls over the Internet or an IP network. It eliminates the need for having separate lines for your Internet connection and dedicated voice transfer lines. There are many advantages to VoIP but because it is still an advancing technology you need to shop around to find the best deal. No cumbersome circuit switching is required and there is no depletion in the bandwidth associated with normal dual line systems. VoIP protocol means that voice data is only sent over the network when it needs to be, freeing up that bandwidth when you aren?t making ?calls? Continue reading

Eliminate computer viruses forever!

PAL Emergency Response

ATTENTION!!! New Virus Epidemic! I-Worm.Mydoom.a and GaoBot.DQ have now infected more than a million computers since they were first detected, causing losses of more than 38,500 million dollars.

Does your computer seem to be running slower than usual? If you’ve using the Internet over the past month, your computer may be infected with a computer Virus that your current Anti-virus software may have failed to detect and remove.

Some of this computer viruses disable many Antivirus programs so that they remain undetected! Continue reading

Enhance Your Experiences Through the Internet

This may come across as a strange article contextually as I am a writer for a web hosting company who likes for me to spread the word about how cool the Internet is, so average people, if they ever get to read this stuff, may be inspired to partake in this new aspect of our collective, privileged, contemporary society. I have been an avid music listener and player for many years of my life and I want to give you the simple story of how the Internet has now connected once again with my life?s journey. I have a deep-seated dream of one day producing some music while I?m here in the world, but as in many cases, we humans have fears in relation to the ideas and feelings that mean the most to us Continue reading

Ever Used A Computer Mouse Before?

This is a lesson for beginning computer mouse users.

Learn how to hold the computer mouse:
Hold the sides of the mouse with your thumb on one side and ring finger or pinkie, which ever feels more comfortable to you, on the other side. Your index finger goes on the left button and your middle finger on the right button. (Some computer mice only have one button, some have several, some have a wheel which you can use your middle finger to depress the wheel then turn it up or down to scroll pages very quickly or slow depending on how quickly you turn the wheel. Personally I love the wheel and would not have a mouse without it!) When you are told to ‘click’ use the button under your index finger, or the left button Continue reading

Finding An Internet Access Provider That Will Meet Your Needs

Your internet access provider can make you happy or sad. They can also save you time or cost you precious time. How do you make sure that you are satisfied and feel good about your internet access provider? You can ensure that you have made the correct choice for you and your family by researching and weighing the pros and cons of each provider.

Where do you start? First find an internet access provider that has a proven track record and good customer service ratings. Make sure that the customer service department is available 24/7. Call the customer service line to see how quickly you reach a customer service representative and ask them questions to see how confidently and thoroughly they answer your questions Continue reading