Network Security 101

As more people are logging onto the Internet everyday, Network Security becomes a larger issue. In the United States, identity theft and computer fraud are among the fastest rising crimes. It is important to protect your network and ensure the safety of all computers and users in that network.

What is a Network?

In order to fully understand network security, one must first understand what exactly a network is. A network is a group of computers that are connected. Computers can be connected in a variety of ways. Some of these ways include a USB port, phone line connection, Ethernet connection, or a wireless connection Continue reading

Notebook or Desktop Computer — Which Should You Choose?

On TV and in the movies, we see a lot of portable computers being used in homes and offices. Does that mean that’s the trend? Is that what you should get?

Portable computers cost more, so unless you really have the need for one, you get a lot more computer for your money with a regular desktop PC. The main thing is portability. If you need a portable computer, get a laptop. (“Laptop,” “portable,” and “notebook” all refer to the same thing, by the way). Otherwise, a desktop computer is a better buy, and better ergonomically.

The Price Difference

You might wonder why laptops cost more than desktop computers with comparable features and power Continue reading

OS 101: Suggestions for Choosing an Operating System

An operating system (abbreviated OS) is essentially the path through which a computer accesses files, games, the Internet, and all vital stored information. The OS is the most important program on a computer because it runs all of the other programs. The major operating systems are Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Unix. The operating system is essential to the computer, and so extreme care should be taken when choosing an operating system.

Consider Its Use

Consider what operating system will be used for. If the OS is for a business, an operating system that can handle important business data should be selected Continue reading

PC Maintenance and Improving Performance

Once you bring your personal computer home from the store or receive it in the mail there is no one around to offer basic personal computer maintenance tips for cleaning up and improving performance of your computer. Maintenance and cleaning up of your PC should be part of a regular routine to ensure that you don’t have any long-term problems with the computer. Unfortunately most basic computer users may not understand the mechanics of a computer or may feel intimidated with the maintenance. There are really simple steps anyone can take to ensure that your computer will continue working at the level it did when you first pulled it out of the box Continue reading

Personal Computer Clean Up for Windows XP

What happens if you don’t give your vehicle
regular oil changes? What kind of results can you
expect if you don’t ever change the spark plugs on
your lawn mower? How do you think your computer
will run if you don’t perform regular maintenance
on it? The answer in all cases is: It won?t run
very well.

If your computer is running sluggish, if it
periodically needs to be rebooted or doesn?t boot
up as quickly as it used to, it sounds like it?s
time for a Clean Up. The following instructions
below will give you step by step instructions on
how to ensure your PC continues to operate at its
fullest potential Continue reading

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“When someone hears about Michael’s fastest computers” – 1000’s of clients worldwide voice the same after seeing a system from Michael’s Computers Continue reading