Questions You Should Ask Before Buying That New Computer Monitor

Aesthetics and display size may be important when buying a new computer monitor, but here are several more very important questions to ask.

What do you think you will you use your new computer monitor for?

You should think about what type of work you will be doing on your new computer monitor. While one monitor may be great for graphics, you may not need so much for things like spreadsheets.

Where do you think will you use your new computer monitor?

This can be a critical question. Is your space limited? If so you obviously won’t want a big bulky computer monitor hogging the space you do have. If this is the case you should consider an LCD instead of a CRT because they are more compact and would definitely leave you more free space.

Here are more things to consider when deciding between a CRT and a LCD computer monitor. Display size; with an LCD monitor the size it says will be the actual display size. On the other hand, a CRT says 19″ but it will only have 18″ of actual viewable screen. Resolution on a typical 19″ CRT monitor can have a resolution between 800×600 to 1600×1200. But with LCD monitors the resolution is usually set and cannot be changed. If you do lower or raise the resolution it may distort the image.

LCD computer monitors use less than half of the power a CRT computer monitor uses. But CRT monitors responded more quickly than LCDs. It will only be a problem when you use programs that frequently change images like some graphic software and games.

As far as the price CRT computer monitors are two to three times cheaper than LCDs of the same size. But if you buy an LCD that is 15″ you have a viewing space of 15 inches. Where as the 15″ CRT you have 14 inches of viewable screen.

Now, what size monitor do you need? Generally a 17″ LCD or 19″ CRT will give you the most favorable and comfortable viewing area for most purposes. If you are an avid gamer or into commercial drafting or animation you may need a larger screen. Your best choice may be a CRT computer monitor when comparing the costs of the 21″ models due to high costs of similar LCDS.

You’ve learned much about computer monitors and you should have a good idea what your needs are. You are ready to start comparison-shopping. Another good idea would be to ask your friends what they use and what they like and dislike about their computer monitor.

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