The Complete Guide To Spotting Computer Spies & Recording Devices

Can you be absolutely sure, that your activity isn’t being monitored and recorded right now, while you’re reading this?

The problem with many people is, because they’re alone in a room with their computer, they think that no body can be watching.

If only they knew how easy it is to plant a computer recording device or software recording program onto a computer, they wouldn’t feel so safe.

Whether you’re a total computer newbie or a seasoned Internet veteran, everyone needs to know how to protect their privacy using the right anti spyware tools for the job.

In this article, I will show you how to easily spot a computer recording device or detect spy software using specific anti spyware tools Continue reading

The day my computer died

I?ve always been a skeptic when it comes to technology, especially computers and the Information Age. I used to think it was crazy how people would put their total faith into a machine, some even more so than in their faith in humanity. Human beings are flawed, imperfect creatures. I say this in a positive way because if humanity were completely positive and perfect we would have nothing to learn, and life would lose its vitality and mystery. Computers come from the same universal reality as humanity, so I believe that we should look at technology in a similar context. Computers are not infallible pieces of nature?s perfection Continue reading

The Difference Between Spyware and Viruses

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The Difference Between Spyware and Viruses
by Kara Glover

Shin, a fictional character whose name means “faith” or “trust,” sits by his laptop in the living room of his home in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. He is busy at work for his boss, dictator Kim Jong-il Continue reading

The Internet – Life without it.

For seven days this month, my Internet connection ceased to be; apparently (according to the engineer) because the cable-modem box thingy gave up the ghost. Seven whole days with no link to the outside world, except for the telephone of course, which isn?t quite the same is it? Now normally a very short period without Internet access would not cause too much of a problem; fortunately I can complete most of my work off-line so I saw this as only a minor inconvenience.

However, the big shock to my system came with the realisation that for a period of time during those days I was extremely bored Continue reading

The Internet is Great for Home Business

Home business and work at home opportunities have always been around
and always will be. While there are many scams designed only to take
your hard earned money there are also many legitimate home business
opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to earn extra money working at home.

The problem has always been that it is difficult to get funding for a
home business and if you do not have the necessary funds for initial
inventory, equipment, marketing and promotion it can be almost impossible
to get your business off the ground. The Internet has changed all of that.

The Internet is great for home business because it provides the
opportunity for the individual to get started in a real business from
home with very little up front costs Continue reading

The Internet Phone Revolution.

The world is on the brink of a phone revolution, with a growing number of people cutting their telecom bills by making free calls via the World Wide Web.

A recent sign of this is that EBay, the online auction website, is so sure the idea will catch on, that it has paid $4.1 billion for the Internet Phone firm Skype Technologies.

Shortly all the millions of people who buy and sell goods on eBay will be able to use Skype’s software, to talk to each other free and also make cut price calls to other landlines and cell phones.

Internet Phone services such as Skype are specially valuable for people who make a great deal of international telephone calls, as even these are free as long as both caller and receiver use the Skype software Continue reading