Why should I use broadband?

Broadband is a reality that came to simplify the life and work of hundreds of people around the world. If Internet represented a revolution in the means of communication, broadband is the final word of advance, improvement and progress regarding Internet.

But what is broadband after all? Well, broadband is an ?always-on? connection that offers to their users high-speed access. With broadband Internet access, everything works fast ? and faster: downloading e-mails and files or streaming movies and radio are just a matter of minutes (or seconds, depending on the size of the file).

People can have access to broadband Internet using your existing telephone and cable-TV line. In addition to that, there are also other technologies ? more modern ones ? that can make possible for people to have access to the Internet with a broadband connection, such as: wireless-radio, satellite and power lines.

Advantages of broadband

There are many advantages related to broadband connection, one of them is exactly the ?always-on?, because you can be connected to the Internet from the time you switch on your computer.

But what about other advantages? Here is a list of the main advantages of broadband:

– Imagine the possibility of having access to the Internet 24 hours/day during 7 days/week without spending a fortune with telephone bills per month. Well, with broadband this is possible. Since you don’t use your phone line in order to connect to the Internet, you can be online without worrying about your phone bill. Besides, your line will not be busy and so you can receive calls and still use the Internet.

– You save time with broadband. Since you don’t spend time waiting for connecting, establishing a connection and authenticate your password.

– And what about the speed? This can be left aside. The speed of a broadband connection is amazing. You send and receive files in a glance. This happens because the standard for dialup connection is about 56k and broadband offers a connection between 256k, 512, 1meg and 2meg. Your work finishes faster and then you can have more time to do other things.

Is there anything else about broadband Internet? What?


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