The Two Most Successful Internet Business Models

To become a successful Internet marketer, it is useful to examine successful Internet business models and then see where you can fit in. It definitely beats trying to re-invent the wheel or coming up with a totally new untried and untested business model.

For starters chances of success are much higher when you go with a business model that has been a proven success again and again.

Affiliate Marketing Business Model

So far there is little doubt that this has been by far the most successful Internet business model. There are some huge advantages of being in a position where you can refer others to a service or product, which is exactly what an affiliate does. Prospects are more confident of the offering because the person referring them is actually putting their reputation on the line by recommending the website or product that they are an affiliate to. Affiliate programs started off with and today are the most effective marketing method to build up traffic to a website.

Affiliate Marketing has grown into very big business because of the amounts being earned by many successful affiliates. Some of them earn as much as a hundred thousand dollars or more in a single month. This is the most attractive model for anybody planning to invest in an Internet business because it also gives a person the best chance to learn the ropes.

The really successful affiliates usually get their own domains and websites as this is the most efficient way of marketing anything online.

Selling Information Products

This is another very successful Internet marketing business model. The huge attraction of this kind of business is it is very easy to distribute information online. Then there is the fact that there is a huge demand for information online. In fact the term infopreneur instead of entrepreneur is being widely used online these days. The idea here is to create a special report or ebook on a subject that you are very familiar with and then market and sell the information online.

All indications are that the true potential of this business is yet to be seen.

So these are the two models of two leading Internet marketing businesses that have produced numerous success stories online. Thus if you are looking for online success you can start by focusing on one of these two areas. Then your chances of succeeding will be much higher.

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