Music Download: what’s new, what’s not

Music download is an issue that it is not so new on the Internet. However, some concerns about that are brand new.

When music started to be available on the Internet for download, it was something ?controllable? if we can put like that. But while it was spreading and gaining fame, Internet users have become truly addicted to that and turned music download into something impossible to ?control?.

The music records, companies and everything that makes part of this huge industrial complex called music (or showbiz, which also includes singers, actors/actresses, supermodels) started to become a little bit annoyed because of this uncontrollable movement that Internet has created.

And this feeling of being annoyed, led to some demands made by the executives of those companies. But first, let?s clarify something: music download is not illegal. It is legal to put music available for downloads on websites. However, the website?s administrator must have a previous authorization for it.

The authorization used by companies to protect their product can be in different types. The companies can, for example, demand that the website charge a fee in order to release the music for download. Another way to make music download legal has to do when the companies ? and God knows why ? just agree to release free music download for the websites that offer these kind of downloads.

With these demands, another issue arouse. The music records and the songwriters ? or the music band and the artists ? own the copyrights of the music. In order to legitimate those demands they had on mind laws were created.

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