Make Money On The Internet-What Is Your Niche

If you want to make money on the internet then you absolutely
have to look into niche marketing. If you can find your niche
you will be well on your way to an internet income.

If you haven’t heard the word ‘niche’ being batted around by
Internet Marketers then you haven’t been listening. Finding a
niche has become the antidote to competing in overly saturated
online markets.

What is a niche?

According to Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary a niche is
described as “a place, employment, status, or activity for which
a person or thing is best fitted… a specialized market”.

Have you noticed that despite the closing of many businesses in
these sometimes harsh economic times that the local hobby train
store is still around? That the ‘hole-in-the-wall’ eatery is
thriving? Or that trends such as scrapbooking can start with a
bang and then close within a year as four similar businesses
start up in the same area?

Making Money On The Internet Making money on the internet
reflects the same trends as experienced in the offline world –
often with faster turnover and startup rates.. Those who promote
a product or site that targets a small, select audience can tap
into a market that is otherwise not being served. Despite the
limitations of the client base, the targeted nature of the
business creates a devoted and active market – the aim of any


Finding a niche requires diligent research. Whether you have
access to software that harvests and sorts information, or you
take a manual approach, you must start with ideas.

With a pen and paper (or computer, if that’s more comfortable)
brainstorm a list of businesses, products and industries. create
a list of keywords and phrases you think would be used by
individuals looking for these items. This is a very important
step to making money online. Do not take any short cuts here.

Using a software program such as WordTracker or a free resource
such as the Overture Keyword Selector Tool, type your keywords
in and search for words with a high amount of traffic.

Although a program like WordTracker can give you further details
such as how many sites compete for that market, you can also do
your own research.

Concentrate your attention on question phrases such as “how do
I…” or “Where can I…”. These questions will clue you into
potential markets that need servicing.

Next look in Google Answers. Type some of your keywords. What
questions are being asked and how much are people willing to pay
for answers? If you find a group of keywords with a high number
of searches enter these words in your search engine.

What sites come up? Do they provide answers or solutions to the
problem? How are they making money on the internet ? Can you see
an opportunity to serve these individuals with your own internet

Finding a niche can be an open door to a profitable online
business. Research the market and be certain that your product
or service is valuable to this group. Find forums or groups that
target this audience and pay close attention to their concerns.

If you can help these people you WILL make money on the
internet. The best of both worlds!

About the author:

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