Hateful and annoying spywares. Have they infected my computer?

As Technology advances, spyware has become a norm in many people??s life. But what is spyware? Spyware is not a virus. It is not meant to attack your system but it is used to steal information from your system.

To explain this as simple as possible, spyware is computer software that is used to run undetected in a victim??s computer to steal important information and report to the creator??s without the victim??s knowledge and permission. This information can be emails, password, credit card information?Ketc.

These spywares also have many different features. They not only steal information. They can even re-rout user to illegal websites or installing phone dialers. They even have the ability to destroy your computer files residing on it.

Knowing so many bad things that can happen if they infect your computer. But many people might ask; how do I know that there are residing in my computer? I need to know that they assisted before I can remove them.

No doubt it can be quite tough in removing these malware. But it is fairly easy to detect them. Below are some characteristics you will encounter if your computer is infected by these notorious malware.

* Computer slow down. These spyware often get involve with other computer applications and as a result crashes these applications and slow down the computer.
* Popups appear when you did not even know why.
* You are being re-directed to other websites and commercials.
* Additional Internet shortcuts on your desktop such as dialers, games or free software that is difficult to remove.

Now you know how to detect spywares in case they infected your computer. Removing them should be easy if you have good anti-spyware software. Below are some of the softwares that you might want to consider.

(1) NoAdware

(2) Spyware Nuker

Start taking action against these spywares now. Time should be spent on more productive work and should not be spent on these hateful, annoying spywares.


About the author:

Sam Lim is a staff of EduX Services who is committed to inform the public regarding the protection of computers

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