Buying a computer

In today?s world of technology buying a computer can be difficult and confusing. Because of this we?ve decided to write this article to guide you next time you buy a computer.

Before you buy a computer it?s important to decide what you want. Consider what your needs are. This will affect the decision you make in which kind of computer to buy. How much memory will you need? What kind of video card will suit you best? Should you buy a desktop or laptop? What sort of processor will suit you best?

When you want to buy a computer it is important that you buy when you need to buy. After all, no matter how long you wait, what you want will always be cheaper in six months time.

Choose the computer you want to buy based on its functions, quality and ongoing technical support. The salesperson at your local computer should be able to help you with this when you tell them you want to buy a computer.

You will also need to decide which additional drives you will need when you buy a computer. These can include CD and DVD burners, CD drives and Zip drives.

There are also extra accessories to consider when you buy a computer. Will you want to connect to the internet? You will need a modem, whether it be built into the computer or external. Sound cards, video cards and speakers also need to be considered when you buy a computer as well as what pre-installed software ? such as an operating system (eg. Windows) you will need.

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