Barebones Systems: Alternatives to Buying Discount Computers

Buying discount computers is something easy to do nowadays that computer prices have dropped. Despite the low prices, you may still find it difficult to settle on a single computer. Computers are built with so many varying features that finding exactly the right one for you may be difficult. Building your own system from a barebones system is an option to buying discount computers that will enable you to get what you want exactly and still enables you to save money.

Don’t think you can build a computer system? It?s true that building a computer system takes some time and a bit of knowledge about how computers work. When you start the building process with barebones systems you deduct some of the complication associated with building a computer system. Barebones systems have the basic components that you need to get started with building a computer system. Most of these systems include a motherboard, CPU (computer processing unit), and power supply encased in a computer case. Choosing a barebones systems is similar to buying discount computers. You will need to determine your needs to find just the right system for you.

Barebones systems are typically classified according to what they offer. While they contain the same basic components, the components enable you to perform different levels of tasks. Low-level barebones systems, which range in price from $100 to $200, will have components that are not as advanced as those in high-end barebones systems. Of the components in a barebones system, the processor is your main concern. There are basically two types of processors: Pentium and Athlon.

There is much debate about which processor is the best. Pentium is probably the most popular name in processors. Its name is synonymous with speed and power. With the introduction of the Pentium 4 processor, Intel suggests that pure multi-tasking is possible. Athlon may not be as popular with general consumers, but those individuals who understand the components of processors, such as clock speed, know that Athlon is at the very least in step with what the Pentium processor offers. Athlon 64, the most current processor that AMD offers

Once you select the barebones system with the essentials you need, you basically upgrade the barebones system to include the additional parts you need to create your ideal computer. After the processor, you want to consider memory, a hard-drive, and CD/DVD writer. Essentially, just as with the processor, you will need to determine what tasks you intend to perform with the computer. As a rule of thumb when buying discount components, you don’t want to build a system with the most high-end components. For starters, you will end up spending a significant amount of money (negates the purpose of choosing an alternative to buying discount computers) and the components will more than likely soon be replaced with a more high-end component.

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