How Do I Print Images I Snagged Online?

People who want to print images from the internet but are not familiar with the resolution differences between said images and the requirements of printing presses will find comfort in the knowledge has to offer. It offers helpful information and tips that is sure to be of valuable help to the readers.

As the site discusses,

?Jpeg and Gif files are internet images, saved with a compression process designed to remove color and visual quality to achieve small file sizes. Internet images are usually saved at a resolution of 72 dpi for quick screen loads and will not print clear and crisp on a printing press. Since the physical dimensions of an image and resolution are in direct proportion to each other, shrinking the physical dimensions of an internet image by 4x will achieve decent printing results.?

With this fact in consideration, we can identify a way where we can resolve the problem and come up with a desirable result and that is to convert the images into a format that is compatible with the resolution requirements of the printing press of choice. Well, not everybody may be familiar with what this means but Lifetips suggests that ?… to calculate the size you must reduce (shrink) an internet image to get it to print well: reduce the size to 24% of its original size (because 72dpi is 24% of the 300dpi resolution you want). For example, if an internet image is 3 inches x 3 inches, at 72dpi you want to shrink it enough to get it to 300dpi for crisp printing
(72/300 = 0.24, 3 inches x 0.24 = 0.72 inches).?

The idea here basically here is to comply with the set resolution format of the printer for satisfactory results. Of course, it should be noted that your printing needs will ultimately be determined by your particular need and it should be catered towards that end. Have a clear vision of what you intend to do to help you prepare everything that is required for your print job.

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