Computers Are Not Scary

Do you remember when you were a kid, and saw your first automobile? To the older crowd, the answer might be yes. To them, the first automobile was most-likely an object of wonder. It wasn’t necessarily a thing to be feared, just an unknown. It was something that you had heard of, but hadn’t had any experience with it. It wasn’t scary.

To most everyone else, you don’t remember your first time you saw an automobile, because they’ve just always been around. You aren’t scared of them because you are familiar with them. The youngest generation of youth feel the same way about computers.

Many of you may remember the first time you saw a computer. It was a strange thing that you weren’t familiar with. To some of you, it was exciting. To others, it wasn’t. But somewhere along the line, you decided that using a computer was something that only younger (or more “gifted”) people should do.

We’re past the age when cars are for only the most wealthy. Now, everyone has a car. In previous days, it was perfectly fine to walk everywhere. Some still do that, but most have learned to drive. In these days, there are still some who can “get around” just fine without the use of a computer, but most people use them multiple times in a week.

In the same way, however, that most people see cars, the younger generations see computers. Computers are not something to fear. They’re only something that you’re not familiar with. That doesn’t make them bad. And it doesn’t make YOU bad.

So in the same way you have gotten used to cars, go ahead and have some fun with computers. Play around. You won’t break it, just like you didn’t break your car the first time you got in it. Go for it! Have Fun!

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