Be Prepared Before Buying Software

Before you go to the store to buy software write down your
computers specifications. You’ll need the type and speed
of the processor. How much ram your computer has. What
kind of video card? How much disk space is available?
Usually, these things are easy to find on your computer.

On Windows you can navigate to “Programs >Accessories >System Tools.” Then click on “System Information” and you should see a summary containing your computers operating system, processor, and memory information. Next click on the plus sign to expand the “Components” category Continue reading

Blogs for Kids

Flush out the writer in children. Blogging could draw out a young writer and open doors to their future. Consider encouraging your child to start blogging!

Children love having an audience. The instant recognition and approval that comes from a crowd just can’t be beat. Employing blogs to help develop good spelling habits, grammar skills, and develop a love for writing at a young age is an innovative concept that has potential benefits:

1.) Responsibility/Commitment – Daily Posts
Regular updates require children to be disciplined and responsible.

2.) Communication – Increased Communication with Friends and Relatives
Blogging or journaling gives children the opportunity to connect with relatives who might live some distance away, communicating important timely issues Continue reading

Broadband Internet Saves Money

Most people look at the bottom line cost of broadband Internet when deciding the cost versus the benefits of Internet service. It’s time to take a closer look. A good place to start is VoIP, also known as broadband phone service. The reasoning behind this being, the lower phone rates offset the increased of cost Internet service, essentially paying for the rise in cost in Internet access.

The cost effective possibilities are endless. Downloading movies instead of going to the video store also puts your broadband connection to work, (the legal way of course). You’ll save gas, time, and it is usually just cheaper Continue reading

Broadband Review

The Uses Of Broadband

Broadband is a high-speed Internet connection that provides a large bandwidth. It is considered a very quick connection. It is an “always-on” type of connection and can transmit data at a much faster rate than your usual dialup connection. Broadband also has the added advantage of not tying up your phone line, which means you can use the both the Internet and telephone at the same time. Broadband can be provided from a variety of sources, including over the top of your phone line as in ADSL or on dedicated line such as Cable or ISDN.

Typically, low-band Internet access is running up to 56kbps using a dial-up modem Continue reading

Build and Maintain Websites For Profit

Even with limited knowledge and experience, you can
build and maintain websites for profit. Here are
just some ways you can do so.

1. Develop Websites for Local Businesses

Approach local business persons and sell them on the
necessity and financial benefits of having a
professional website. Local advertising may get you
started as well, but expect to get a large portion of
your business from referrals.

Charge your clients for the initial design and setup
of the website. Work with them to develop a theme for
their site based on their unique advantages over the
competition Continue reading

Build Your Own Computer or Buy?

Just look inside a computer case. At first glance, all those wires and components can look terrifyingly complex. And thinking about putting them all together by yourself may seem impossible.

Not to worry! Even though they are the products of advanced technology, the various pieces of a personal computer (PC) fit together with simple connections. If you can use a screwdriver and follow simple instructions, you can build your own PC.

Don’t be intimidated by the task of connecting the computer components together. Many of the internal connections are molded so that it is impossible to fit them together the wrong way Continue reading