Data-Recovery: What You Need

Data recovery is something we hope that we will never need. Whether you simply make the mistake of deleting important software or you lose it all in a computer crash, that valuable asset of information may seem like it is lost forever. But, if you have complete and quality data-recovery software on your computer or through your system, you can be confident that it has a backup and it is there even though these things will happen to you. This can be so important when it comes to safeguarding your business or your personal information.

What people do not realize is that there are a number of ways that things can go wrong on their computers Continue reading

Decide On A PC Monitor Before You Buy Your New Computer Equipment

Before you buy your new computer equipment you will want to decide on a PC monitor. After all you will be staring at it for the next few years! You will need to decide on the image quality, resolution, size, and type Your new should have enough screen space for what you will be doing. The viewable size is about an inch smaller that the advertised tube size on CRTs. The best size for most people is 17-19 inch. Either of these sizes should be plenty for most computer equipment needs. An LCD screen is the full size it says so it really takes up a lot less space than the CRT, inch for inch.

Would A LCD or CRT PC Monitor Fit Your Style of Computer Equipment?

Is an LCD PC monitor for you?
For most computer users a 17 inch LCD is the optimal desktop pc monitor Continue reading

Digital Cameras Are Fun

And Convenient

What is one of the most fun computer accessories? Digital cameras I love mine! Wouldn’t you like to send some pictures to some friends and family by e-mail? A digital camera is the easiest way to do that. Also, it is the easiest way to get pictures onto your computer. You can also print them from your computer, most modern printers and some quality photo paper will print great quality photos.

The best part is that you can see the pictures instantly on the camera’s LCD screen with the review feature, or load them onto your computer.

Digital makes it so easy to take great pictures because you can see how they turned out instantly and re-take if necessary Continue reading

Do The Media Spread Computer Viruses?

Summary: Could the mass media hype about computer viruses actually make the problem worse?

If you believe what you hear in the media, there are an awful lot of viruses going around. No, I’m not talking about the make-you-sick kind of virus, though they get plenty of airtime, too. I’m talking about the kind of virus that enters via your internet connection rather than your nasal passages.

What the mainstream media often don’t tell you–at least, in most radio and television newscasts and in the crucial headlines and opening paragraphs of newspaper articles– is that many of these “viruses” are not viruses at all Continue reading

Do We Really Need The Internet?

(c) Jim Edwards – All Rights reserved

As someone who earns their living entirely online, I
considered myself the last person I ever thought would ask
the question, “Do we really need the Internet?”

However, the extended power outage of almost 4 days, ongoing
loss of Internet access, combined with many other events
surrounding the recent Hurricane Isabel caused me to
reassess my priorities.

When “high-tech” business gets into a head-on collision with
a natural or man-made disaster, we all need to ask, “Do we
really need the Internet?”

Well, when you’re in line for 3 hours to get gas so you can
siphon the tank to run your father-in-law’s generator in
order to save $1,000 worth of food in three freezers – you
don’t need the Internet, you need the expectation that
you’ll find gas Continue reading

Do You Know How To Remove Spyware From Your Computer?

Spyware is rapidly becoming a major problem for Internet
users. It is estimated that 9 out of 10 computers are
infected with spyware or ad ware or both. Spyware may be
responsible for 50 % of all computer crashes. Spyware runs
silently and you may not be aware that your every move on
the Internet is being observed and recorded.

If a user does not detect and remove spy ware from his
computer, all his files may get infected and it may stop
working. All his passwords, credit card numbers and other
personal information may be stolen before he can realize
what is going on. Once spyware has been removed, the
computer will run much faster Continue reading