Finding Places To Access The Internet For Free

In an increasingly wireless world, there are lots of places where you can connect your laptop to the internet when you are out and about. These places are called “hotspots,” and if you know where to find them, you may never want to go home again.

How To Find Public Hotspots

The first place to look for hotspots is big public institutions. Libraries are increasingly offering wireless access. And, if you’re a student, chances are that your campus is already wireless-enabled, or will be soon.

Searching Out Private Hotspots

The private sector, though, is the real growth area in wireless hotspots Continue reading

Five reasons to do wireless networking.

I believe that wireless networks represent one of the most significant inventions in human history ? almost as important as sliced bread.

Now, seriously, bread is certainly easy enough to cut yourself, but try to wire up a network and you will think of this invention in a different way.

Just to make the whole picture clearer for you, let me give you five reasons why using a wireless network is definitely worth it.

Sharing Web Access

With wireless networking, you can easily and cheaply share one single Internet connection among different computers, without having to use more modems Continue reading

Free Gadget and ultra cheap PC Offers.

Copyright 2005 Brad EdenYou’ve probably seen the ads for “low cost” PC’s – “PC’s for $199” – or even “free” computers. If you’re in the market for a personal computer, the you should know that “free” doesn’t always mean free. Very often, certain conditions and restrictions found in the fine print of advertisements for “free” or “low cost” PC’s can turn a so-called deal into a big ticket buy.”Free” or “low-cost” PC offers often require “bundled” Internet service contracts, which may last up to three years. In return for signing up for Internet service, you can get as much as a $400 rebate on the computer purchase Continue reading

Free Home Based Internet Business

Taking advantage of a free home based internet business can
afford you many benefits. There are not only the monetary
benefits, but lifestyle benefits as well. Whether lifestyle or
monetary, these benefits can be far greater than the benefits
you receive working for an employer.

If you are already working in your own free home based internet
business or just entertaining the idea, be sure to evaluate your
options and consider the value of the benefits you will receive.
A home based internet business can provide you with
independence and financial freedom if you make smart decisions Continue reading

Free ISP

Is There Such A Thing As Free ISP?

As a matter of fact, there really is such a thing as a free Internet Service Provider or free ISP, for short. Most Internet service providers offer service for a small monthly charge. Most people are surprised to learn that there are companies that offer free Internet service. This is much more than the free trials offered on the discs everyone receives in the mail. These ISPs actually offer free Internet service, and not for just a trial period.

You might wonder how it is that these ISPs can offer free service when everyone else is paying for it. The answer to that is really no surprise at all Continue reading