Future for Internet marketers

By Jakob Jelling

Have you ever attended a class where the instructor followed the Socratic method of teaching? You remember, only questions, no direct answers. Some discussions lend themselves best to that format, and this look at some possible future trends in Internet marketing is one of them. Mainly because there are no answers at this point, only the questions we pose!

Internet marketers by and large are used to creating products for, and selling to, a predominantly western audience. Whether inside the marketing niche or not, today’s web sites, autoresponder sequences, mailing lists, payment processing systems, and overall way of doing business have evolved around the needs and wants of target markets in the western world Continue reading

Getting The Most Out Of A Tablet PC

What is a tablet PC, how is it different from a laptop and is it the right computer for you? To find the answer to these questions lets take a look at tablet PC?s and how they work.

Tablet PC’s were originally designed to put mobile computers in the hand of people working in the field. The people using them spent the majority of their time away from a desk and wouldn?t have access to a keyboard or mouse. Users would make entries via stylus or digitizer. The lightweight and highly portable nature of these types of computers made them perfectly suited to field technicians and health care workers Continue reading

Google Talk?

What’s this? Is Google getting in on the Internet telephony craze? Yes they are! The search giant now offers a beta version download of Google Talk at no charge. http://www.google.com/talk/

Google Talk allows users to IM or make calls over the Internet using a PC, speakers and microphone, again; no charge. The new Google software can be downloaded by anyone with Windows 2000 platform or later.

Of course you can only call or IM other people who have downloaded the Google Talk software. Both parties need to have a Gmail account to log onto the Google Talk messenger.

Those who don’t already have a Gmail account can request an invitation via mobile-phone Continue reading

Guide to buying the perfect PC

PCs have become a staple in every home. Without PCs, you will find it hard to stay connected and to even do the work required of you in school or in the office. With so much PC packages being shoved to our throat every time we go to department stores and computer shops, you’ll really get quite confused on what you really need and what PC package will fit your budget and lifestyle. To help you through this dilemma, here is a brief backgrounder of the parts of PCs that you should get to know.

This is one of the three primary components of your PC. The processor is the part that determines how fast your computer process information Continue reading

Hateful and annoying spywares. Have they infected my computer?

As Technology advances, spyware has become a norm in many people??s life. But what is spyware? Spyware is not a virus. It is not meant to attack your system but it is used to steal information from your system.

To explain this as simple as possible, spyware is computer software that is used to run undetected in a victim??s computer to steal important information and report to the creator??s without the victim??s knowledge and permission. This information can be emails, password, credit card information?Ketc.

These spywares also have many different features. They not only steal information Continue reading

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