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Have You Jumped On The High Speed Internet Bandwagon?

by Justin Koh

With technology expanding rapidly in our daily life, high speed internet connection has penetrated into our homes and offices if your local internet service provider offers high speed internet connection services. In this world of instant gratification where people do not have the patience to wait anymore, it is easy to see that high speed internet connection is becoming the mainstream norm as compared to dialup connections. However, before jumping onto the high speed internet bandwagon, it is essential that we considered all the options that are available to us and most importantly the cost associated with it Continue reading

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Heres The iPod Shuffle!

Mix things up, with this unpredictable new iPod. Can it read your mind? What will it play next? Can it read your moods? Load it up – put it on. See where it will take you.Choose from pocket size 512MB or 1G models that start at $99. – Surprise yourself!

Random is the new order with this iPod
The iPod Shuffle Songs setting takes you on a unique journey through your music collection. You’ll never know what is around the next tune. Welcome to a life less orderly–iPod shuffle shuns routine by serving up your favorite songs in a new order every time you listen.

Just plug iPod shuffle into your computer’s USB port and let iTunes auto fill it with up to 240 songs and get a different experience with each connection Continue reading

High Speed Internet Providers – How Do You Choose?

If you work at home using the internet or are frequently on the internet checking out websites, then you will want to look into service from a high speed internet provider. There are several ways to connect to the internet in order that you receive this quicker service. You can look into DSL which is at least 5 times faster than dial up and runs through the phone line. Cable and satellite internet access are the other choices. After you choose which connection you are interested in, then you need to find the high speed internet provider that offers that particular service.

DSL is a great option for people who live close to the central office where the DSL comes from Continue reading

Homecall Broadband

Information About

The new broadband home service is known as Homecall, was announced in October by Caudwell Communications. They are a telephony business that is part of the Caudwell group, and the current owners of the Phones4u mobile phone company.

Advantages of Homecall over other services include combining your different needs into one package. Your Internet and phone bills arrive in a single bill, instead. And since Homecall is associated with Phones4u, they can provide great mobile phone promotions, which include free international and local calls, and cheaper calls on your mobile phone Continue reading