Pros And Cons Of Getting VOIP Right Now

You have a telephone, right? You have a computer, right? You want to save money, right? BAM, you are a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) candidate.

It is inevitable that VOIP will replace traditional telephone service at some point. The only question is when should you jump in?

VOIP is quickly becoming more reliable and receiving wider acceptance. In fact, phone companies are already taking advantage of the technology to provide cheaper long distance rates. Like any emerging technology, however, there are kinks in the system that are still being worked out.


VOIP has many advantages over regular phone service Continue reading

Protect your Computer and Internet Privacy

Is a known fact that every time you open a browser to view a web page, order something online, or read your email in a web based viewer that information is stored on your computer for later use. Whether you are viewing the weather online, reading sports, catching up on the latest world news or viewing something a little more private, all that information is stored in your computer. Windows operating systems store all this material in what are called Temporary Internet Files or cache. Web pages may store bits of information about who you are when you visit web sites in files called cookies on your computer Continue reading

Protect Your Computer And Your Personal Information From Spyware

Spyware is a broad term used for certain types of software that are downloaded onto your computer without your knowledge. Malware has become a phrase that is used when describing spyware and adware.

Spyware is placed on your computer in order to track your internet surfing habits. It knows every site you visit and every page on that site. Spyware also collects your personal information through software that tracks your actual keystrokes. If you fill in a form to make a purchase all your personal information, including name, address and credit card information can be tracked. The potential abuse of spyware tracking is also being discussed in some businesses that store secure information, such as credit card numbers or even medical records Continue reading

Protect Your System From the Internet Evils

Ads, Spyware and Popups: the Internet is an aggressively commercial place. Internet marketing is hugely profitable; owners of frequently visited websites can make a reasonable living just off a few banner ads placed on their site. Software was quickly developed that would attempt to block these ads from loading and being displayed leaving the Internet free from irritants so the user could just view the information that they were after. Not surprisingly the Internet fought back with ads becoming more and more tricky in their execution.

The Internet pornography industry is often at the forefront of new advertising technologies Continue reading

Questions You Should Ask Before Buying That New Computer Monitor

Aesthetics and display size may be important when buying a new computer monitor, but here are several more very important questions to ask.

What do you think you will you use your new computer monitor for?

You should think about what type of work you will be doing on your new computer monitor. While one monitor may be great for graphics, you may not need so much for things like spreadsheets.

Where do you think will you use your new computer monitor?

This can be a critical question. Is your space limited? If so you obviously won’t want a big bulky computer monitor hogging the space you do have Continue reading

Rackmount Computer Keyboards –

The other piece of vital equipment to accompany the rack mount computers and the monitors are the rack mount computer keyboards. Rackmount computer keyboards are built with durability and reliability in mind.

Most keyboards in home systems get attacked by cookie crumbs, soft drinks, children?s sticky fingers and a whole host of other awful things and yet, for the most part, they keep on functioning. But they?ll break down soon enough in the desert or on a glacier because they?re not made to withstand those harsh environments. The keyboards must be made of materials that will not rust or corrode, will not malfunction in extreme heat or cold and will continue to operate no matter what the workload Continue reading